Julia en Barcelona

Julia in Barcelona

Shall we have a coffee?

With a different aesthetic, focusing on the idea of ​​generating a positive experience around the kiosk, turning it into a meeting point in the neighbourhood, the GoodNews premises allow you to enjoy a coffee, a juice or have some snacks while reading the press .

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The most CHIC Italian

Located in the heart of Barcelona in the Passatge de la Concepció, Harry's is a restaurant that you will fall in love with, the place with an intimate and romantic touch serves the best Italian food, from small starters such as burrata or focaccia, to the traditional carbonara.

Perfect for a dinner as a couple or an event with friends.

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The best Brunch

Located in the center of Barcelona is Brunch & Cake, an artisan bakery with cupcakes and other varieties of dishes, perfect for a complete brunch. A cozy atmosphere with tables and sofas to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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